Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World of Wool

At Christmas I received a beautiful spindle of my own from a wonderful friend who had been lending me hers. It's a clay top whorl drop spindle from Zebisis designs on Etsy, 26g approx, and I love it. It wasn't long before my new resolution of spinning a little every day brought me close to fibre-less-ness.

Hence I decided that the perfection celebration of my paper submission to a major conference would be an order from World of Wool. 2 kilos of fibre is an appropriate prize, right?

February came and still no sign of my fibre. I was down to my last pieces of fluff. Well, apart from the silk I'm saving for the day I'm able to spin consistently. I had to spin as thin as I could so the fibre would last until the WoW order arrived. Eventually all problems were sorted and I am now the proud owner of a years supply of fibre. 500g corriedale which I hope to make ablanket from. A mix of 3 natural bfl fibres. Some bfl and silk to try, some coloured merino to be pretty and some amazingly soft camel to snuggle.

I finished the fibre on the spindle as fast as I could so I could try a little of each fibre. Mammoth plying session left me a little burnt out. Should probably have just waited and plyed the two singles. Patience will need to be worked on. A great excuse for another spindle I think.


  1. Wow, that's a LOT of fibre! Happy spinning!

  2. A year's worth of fibre! Now that is a nice reward. Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. All for the price of a jumpers worth of yarn. Sales are amazing :)