Monday, February 28, 2011


I have a thing for all things ladybird related. Other people have realised this and so I've collected quite a few ladybird treats. Even my husband knew I liked them before we really knew each other well. He brought me back some chocolate ladybirds from Italy which sparked the start of a lovely romance. We then had those little ladybirds for wedding favours, one of the fun things we indulged in. There was also the pi cake and the polka dot dress. Of course I completely forgot to explain the ladybirds to anyone on the day. But we knew the significance of it.

I thought I might include some pictures of my ladybird paraphernalia, including the stuffed one that inexplicably appeared on my desk. I have yet to discover its origin. There will probably be a pinterest board on ladybirds once I actually get used to pinning. For now you can see my bits and pieces on flickr.

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