Monday, March 9, 2009


Haven't done much new research lately, I've been writing up my work and creating posters and preparing seminars based on this work. Have some more changes to make to the latest draft and I'll post a link to it once I'm done. Then I can be back to some good real work! Visit my site for electronic versions of my latest poster and recent seminar slides. If you're interested, it's all on weights on codes over rings. i.e. math of coding theory. Should be fairly accessible.

Reading Orson Scott Card's Ender Series at the moment, incredibly addictive! Will post reviews once I stop reading for long enough! Also will post a review of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, another excellent book.

Found myself reading lots of motivational-based books to beat the 2nd-year slump of the phd. I'm open to any good suggestions! Or if anyone has suggestions for coding-theory or algebraic geometry 'summer' schools or workshops etc.

Gathering together some scientists from all walks to put together a science-communication group in Ireland, might post some more information here as it arrives. Could be interesting and lots of fun!

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